Dialectical Struggle

Marx and Engels saw the worker in struggle with the owner, but as I see the dialectic, we individuals struggle first and foremost with ourselves. Our own dialectic is with ourselves, within a moment, an authentic moment we are in struggle with our own existence, not with another.  Others are just a part of the landscape, but they are not a part of our own dialectic.  We struggle with our moment in reality, in the practice of what we are doing, natural movement as we proceed through each day. We have the ability to choose our struggles.

Marx and Engels saw the worker struggling but the worker was an idea, and idealism is what they opposed. When a worker works he is struggling against the work, not against the owner. It is our choice to struggle against the owner, but this is not a true dialectic, it is a self-imposed dialectic, one that can be changed with our own mind.

Dialectical Materialism eliminates our natural nature, and places us in unnatural conflicts with arbitrary conflicts that are self-imposed.


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