Infusing Praxial Care into International Organizations

Infusing Praxial Care into International Organizations: What is Praxial Care? Praxial Care is concern between individuals based on laws of Intersubjectivity and Spirituality. The concept of Praxial Care is fused with ideas central to Perennial philosophy as espoused by axial thinkers: Mindfulness, awareness and reflection are central. How to infuse Care into an Organization is theorized in this study as being performed through axial wisdom, ideas which led to the great transformations in human history. Central to Praxial Care is Habermas’ theory of Communicative Action which was based on the writings of Marx. And another foundation from Husserl, but here quoted from wikipedia…

  • With the concept of the lifeworld, however, Husserl embarked on a different path, which recognizes that, even at its deepest level, consciousness is already embedded in and operating in a world of meanings and pre-judgements that are socially, culturally, and historically constituted.Phenomenology thereby became the study not just of the pure consciousness and meanings of a transcendental ego, as in Husserl’s earlier work, but of consciousness and meaning in context. The lifeworld is one of the more complicated concepts in phenomenology, mainly because of its status as both personal and intersubjective.

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