Using Praxial Action and Inquiry within ASEAN Organizations to Develop Community

Within in ASEAN’s socio-cultural domain building community is a major objective which has been difficult to not only conceptualize but to materialize. This research is intended to develop a model that will not only conceptualize community building (theory), but develop it as well.  One of the major difficulties is the pursuit of poverty elimination.  Within ASEAN class is an unseen factor that is different within each individual country, and until all ASEAN citizens are regarded as equal will ASEAN be able to move forward. Integrity, Dialogue, Tolerance, Diversity, Care, Compassion, Transformation, Perennial, Axial, Praxis:

  • Social Captial
  • Communicative Action
  • Situated Learning
  • Communities of Practice
  • Critical Pedagogy
  • Action Learning and Action Research (ALAR)
  • Contemplative Inquiry

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