ASEAN vision, change and transformation in Community building

Thich Nhat Hanh

To a certain degree, all humans suffer, subjected to something bad, or unpleasantness. For many, there is a daily struggle to overcome suffering, to beat suffering by striving, or excelling, or winning, or buying, or enjoying, yet, the inevitable arrival of unpleasantness or suffering is unavoidable. Is it possible to reduce our own suffering by helping reduce the suffering of others? Perhaps this simple change in thinking will be a catalyst for individual transformation.

As ASEAN materializes, member nations confront their current status and the change they will or will not attain. Is it possible that all nation members see and comprehend the same vision?  It is unlikely.  Can it be possible that a simple charter could envelop change and transformation at the national level?  Again, unlikely. Is then the idea of community building ‘window-dressing’? What is meant by community building and what is it that the creators had in mind?

Community building in this context seems to be envisioned and situated in organizations with non-commercial agendas; Educational institutes, Religious institutes and NGO’s. A model is needed that can be replicated within Commerce driven Organizations in each particular nation that is applicable through out the region.

Commerce driven Organizations in America are considering compassion and care as a focus for stability:

from within ASEAN; specifically Vietnam’s own Thich Nhat Hanh.  Isn’t it reasonable to suggest that ASEAN communities look to the same wisdom?


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