Praxial HRD is engaged HRD

Are HRD practitioners responsible to Organizations or Individuals? Such a dichotomy suggests a fracture when no fracture needs to exist. Society or Culture in the case of USA creates the fracture based on a number of historical factors which have led to this point in time. Hegel suggests that this time is inevitable as all historical phenomenon lead to subjugation or a relaxing between dialecticalities.

“The bud disappears in the bursting forth of the blossom, and one might say the former is refuted by the latter; similarly, when the fruit appears, the blossom is shown in its turn to be the false manifestation of the plant, and the fruit now appears as the truth of the plant. These forms are not distinguished from one another, they also supplant one another as mutually incompatible. Yet at the same time their fluid nature makes them moments of an organic unity in which not only do they not conflict, but in which each is as necessary as the other; and this mutual alone constitutes the life of the whole.”


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