Research Proposal Guidelines: APA Style – 8

NAME: ___________________________________
Research Proposal Assessment Criteria
Title Page (5 points)
Descriptive Title _____/1
Title entered in upper and lower cases _____/1
Author’s full name and byline _____/1
Running head: … All CAPS in upper left _____/1
< 50 characters long
Running head and Page number 1 in upper right _____/1

Abstract (5 points)
Starts on pg. 2 with running head and pg. number _____/1
Single paragraph with block format _____/1
Between 100-250 words _____/1
Comprehensive review of research proposal _____/2

Introduction (12 points)
Starts on pg. 3 with running head and pg. number _____/1
Title is centered (no Introduction heading) _____/1
Begins with a statement of the problem (“This paper _____/1
investigates past literature about . . . .)
Provides evidences of incidence of problem _____/3
Discusses how problem affects individuals, communities,
and society as a while _____/2
Conceptually defines your major variables (e.g., BMI) _____/2
Closes with indication of the importance of this line of research _____/2

Review of Literature (26 points)
Running head and pg. number in upper right _____/1
Section header centered on page _____/1
Introductory paragraph(s) to set the scene and
provide historical perspective and background _____/2
Thorough review of literature
Reviews current research (<10 yrs) on your problem _____/8
Provides rationale for important issues related to
Methods (participants, tasks, etc) _____/4
Clearly states the research question _____/2
Organization: blended ideas rather than a string of abstracts _____/2
Summary of review and transition to Methods _____/2
References sources _____/2
Appropriately uses APA formatting _____/2


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