Praxial HRD: Becoming a Global Citizen through Emerging HRD

Evaluating/Exploring Transformational Dialogue between teachers and learners.

Language Learning must be mindful, in the moment purpose driven. Success rate falls when students learn for the purpose of future needs.  This suggests that language learning be contextual, in the moment, for functional purposes.

Using emerging HRD to explore global citizenship…

Interaction, communication, Dialogue, Intersubjectivity, empathy, compassion, care, ethics, values… relational dialectics, prolepsis

Praxial HRD is based on compassion, care and personal transformation towards ourselves and others.

Praxial Human Resource Development: Using an Emerging HRD perspective to explore learning at an International College in Thailand.

Humans by nature look forward, towards modernity, yet the scientific method has been criticized for inquiry based on the belief that reality is what can be empirically or rationally proven, but there is another approach from a Dialogical tradition…


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