The relationships between relationships and second language learning

Tolerance vs. psycholinguistic awareness

As the political situation in BKK heats up it becomes clear that I Should devote my dissertation to Democracy, tolerance and Peace Education

Cognitive approaches to SLA have focused on the individual’s cognitive processes which have limited application to learning due to the practicality of data.

Slow down… some things take time and focus. Focusing on real life situations, on the relationships between individuals, on the exchange, the dialogue, the communication.  Some learners have the ability to learn a second language due to their approach to relationships; others do not posses this. Cultural awareness, empathy, tolerance, care, emotional/social intelligence is more significant than psycholinguistic awareness.

The relationships between relationships and second language learning

Adults are ‘culture bound’ listeners; babies are not! It (learning a language) takes  human contact… good luck becoming bilingual via the internet… this not to say that learning a language via the internet can’t help… it can, it does, but not at the level of human contact. 

Adults have a difficult time picking up the nuances of a language due to socialization; fear, doubt… babies don’t have fear and doubt, babies are ego less.

Reading is non-evasive… stories keep us emotionally glued… videos, tv shows can work, but we are dependent on the actors… in reading we can invent the characters in our own minds.


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