The Socratic Classroom

The Socratic Classroom
Reflective Thinking Through Collaborative Inquiry
Sarah Davey Chesters
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
This book provides a framework for a collaborative inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning suitable not
only for formal educational settings such as the school classroom but for all educational settings. For teachers,
educationalists, philosophers and philosophers of education, The Socratic Classroom presents a theoretical as well
as practical exploration of how philosophy may be adopted in education.
The Socratic Classroom captures a variety of philosophical approaches to classroom practice that could be broadly
described as Socratic in form. There is an exploration of three distinct approaches that make significant contributions
to classroom practice: Matthew Lipman’s Community of Inquiry, Leonard Nelson’s Socratic Dialogue, and David
Bohm’s Dialogue. All three models influence what is termed in this book as ‘Socratic pedagogy’. Socratic pedagogy is
multi-dimensional and is underpinned by ‘generative, evaluative, and connective thinking’. These terms describe the
dispositions inherent in thinking through philosophical inquiry.


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