The Teaching Task

The Teaching Task, first and foremost is to be prepared. We prepare for that moment with moments of preparation by preparing in study and review.  We apply in practice what we have studied and reviewed, and we reflect, and try again. The act of teaching is a practical act that combines theory and practice. Can we avoid this starting point, this blend of theory, reason, action and practice? Can we deny being pragmatic by following some method? I can not see how there is any way to avoid a pragmatic approach to teaching, How do we measure our effectiveness, our success and our failure? What is failure, what is success?

This past year, the Los Angeles Lakers, the storied franchise of professional basketball had a dismal year; it’s start player, Kobe Bryant, who makes approximately 25 million dollars a year, sat out 85% of the season while the team finished last in its division. Kobe Bryant, and the Lakers take a pragmatic approach to winning, can we as teachers ask anything more of ourselves?



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