Praxial Language Development: Literature Review

Whole segments of adult society through out ASEAN are being asked to learn English as a second language, but there are constraints to learning a second language as an adult. The following literature review investigates various relationships associated with learning a second language from a Human Resource Development (HRD) Perspective.  It will be organized in a simple, straight forward outline with the following headings: Human, Resource, and Development. But before an HRD inquiry into second language development, it is imperative to review an HRD perspective.

  1. Embodied Inquiry
  • Human Resource Development (HRD) is concerned with life within Organizations, and as a practice,
  1. Psychology, Economics and Systems
  2. Interactionism (Mead, Blumer): phenomenology, social action, social interactionism, social constructionism.
  3. Social Interactionism: 1. humans as social beings, 2. humans as thinkers, 3. Intentional, 4. Context, 5. Active: agency, determination, symbolization, emergence.
  4. Rorty, anti representational view of knowledge; utility; language is not a representation, but a tool.
  5. Humans
  6. The Mind is inherently embodied
  7. thought is mostly unconscious
  8. abstract concepts are largely metaphorical
  9. Language
  • The relationship between Humans and Language is controversial. Is language a biological trait or tool, subject or object? But like so many dualisms, pragmatics or a practical approach may be our best course of action. Our use of language or its inadequacies may well be one of the reasons why we have a difficult time understanding its ontology.
  1. Learning
  2. The Quest for Knowledge, Meaning, Facts, Values, Purpose and Truth

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