Literature Review: Proposal


  • Historical Review of Second Language Acquisition Research
    In stride with the cognitive revolution of the 50’s, Second Language Acquisition research shifted from a behaviorist approach to a Rational approach in which the individual learner and cognitive functions dominated the focus. In the 70’s a shift from a rational perspective to a communicative approach guided the emphasis, but the emphasis still centered on the individual learner and the cognitive processes. In the 90’s the shift from communication to a dialogical approach, centered on group work, and now as we progress into the 21st century,  an enactive emphasis on systems. (Rough)
  • Cognitive Revolution: Chomsky, Bruner
  • Contemporary Approaches to SLA
  • Socio-cultural, other alternatives
  • Contemporary Approaches to Cognitive Science
  • Second and Third generation
  • Contemporary Approaches to Learning
  • Transformation
  • Contemporary Approaches to Teaching
  • Dialogical
  • Contemporary Approaches to Knowledge
  • Neo-pragmatisim
  • Ontology/Nature
  • Epistemology/knowledge
  • Cognition, neuroscience…

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