Praxial Relationships in International Human Development:

Deep Science, Deep Learning and Deep Spirituality

Praxial International Human Resource Development: Examining ASEAN (International) Relationships in Higher Education (at a Thai International College)

Praxial Systems and Relationships in International Human Development:

Examining Internationalization at a Thai International College

Examining Internationalization (IHRD) and Nonduality at a Thai International College

International Human Resource Development (IHRD)

Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Ecological:

Globalization has connected our borders: Internationalization will connect our Cultures, Communities, Organizations, and Lives.

  • Dynamic: changing over time, process rather than state.
  • Complex: having many parts, constantly acting and interacting.
  • Nonlinear: effect is disproportionate to the cause.
  • Chaotic: a deep, coherent structure within apparent randomness.
  • Unpredictable: cannot forecast future states.
  • Sensitive to initial conditions: a tiny change can have a vast effect.
  • Open: energy/information can flow in or out.
  • Self-Organizing: a structure/pattern emerges as components interact.
  • Feedback Sensitive: feedback is incorporated into behavior.
  • Adaptive: optimizes itself according to environment.
  • Strange Attractor: global pattern but unpredictable details.
  • Fractal: a pattern that repeats itself at different scales (e.g. a tree).

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