Research Human Development through Systems Thinking

  1. Discover the system
  2. Determine the relationships (dichotomies) (what types relationships exist?)
    1. Authoritative
    2. Dialectical
    3. Dialogical
  3. Evaluate the relationships (Do the interrelated parts lead towards development and learning)
    1.  Intrapersonal
    2. Interpersonal
    3. Ecological
  4. Transforming the relationships
    1. Appreciative Inquiry
    2. Problem-solving
    3. Action
      1. What activities?
  5. Evaluate the Action
    1. Practice and Real life
      1. As a boy playing sports, I was always the smallest, having not yet reached puberty, and so I sat on the bench, but during games I excelled.
    2. Dynamic; in real life.
    3. Redefining performance evaluation
    4. Life has become too easy…
    5. Mindfulness to get to them moment

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