International Higher Education

A Praxial Approach to Student-Teacher Development:

Promoting English as Interlanguage to Construct Knowledge, Language and Identity At a Thai International College

A Praxial Approach to Interlanguage Development:

  • Community
  • Personal
  • Mindfulness
  • Intercultural Group Dialogue
  • Communication
  • The location for this research is Burapha University (BUU), and according to Wikipedia, “aside from its status as a government university, many students are drawn to the institution due to its location in Bangsaen, a resort destination popular with Thai tourists (particularly day visitors from Bangkok) that remains relatively unknown to foreign visitors.” BUU has been designated a member of the ASEAN University Network (AUN), and in conjunction with the International college, is tasked with preparing young adults for future careers in English related fields of business. Young adults entering the international college consider themselves highly motivated to accept the challenge of academic study in English, but few have had the background experiences that would prepare them. Still, for many, regardless of the difficulty, this is the only opportunity to learn and study using English.

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