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Action Learning Action Research

Students and Teachers who are interested in improving their learning and teaching by participating in a research project are welcomed…

The research will focus on issues related to language learning and will follow a process of:

  1. Identify the learning issues/problems
  2. Regard current theory (guided by researcher… Epistemology, Heutagogy, Ontology, and Ethics)
  3. Create a plan of practice/participation (guided by researcher)
  4. Practice/participate in real situations
  5. Reflect and Report

Students and teachers will be asked to follow their own intuition as well..


An Interpretative phenomenological analysis

An Interpretative phenomenological analysis of Mindful Language Learners

Vygotsky and HRd

Having applied Vygotsky’s learning model to 2LA, I’m looking forward to applying his theories to HRD. If there is to be a paradigm shift in HRD, we will look not to performance but to social relationships especially those between owners, management and workers.  Capitalism has been concerned with the bottom-line, but this has created inequality that is fueling social discord. Vygotsky is based on Marx’s dialectical materialism, but seeks a social merging.  

Perennial Philosophy

Whether Perennial Philosophy or Axial age, there is a human pursuit of things unseen, a feeling, an intuition. Is that feeling evolutionary or innate; is it there because there exists an eternal logos?  The How, The Why, The Who… how does this all relate to knowledge or community in an International setting?  Is there common ground that can be found between the ideal and the material, the religious and the atheist?

Aldous Huxley:

  1. “The phenomenal world of matter and of individualized consciousness- the world of things and animals an human beings and even gods- is a manifestation of a Divine Ground within which all partial realities have their being…”
  2. Human beings are capable of realizing the existence of the Divine Ground “by a direct intuition superior to discursive reasoning” or rational knowledge; this intuition is a knowledge that unites the knower with that which is known.
  3. Human beings posses ad double nature, “a phenomenal ego and an eternal self, which is the inner person, the spirit,k the spark of divinity within the soul.” Our phenomenal ego itself is a manifestation of the Divine Ground.
  4. The purpose of human life is to identify oneself with this eternal Self and ‘so to come to unitive knowledge of the Divine Ground.’

Context, context, context!

Praxial Being and Community: Using Perennial Philosophy and Praxis to Promote Unity Within International Organizations

Discovering contextual practices using praxial principles to Foster community in an International Organization